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Drain Relining & Drain Repairs

Drain Detection UK are well experienced in drain relining, helping to mend the damage to worn down or weakened drains to keep the liquid waste of a property safely flowing away from the premises.

We'd recommend drain relining to deal with all manner of debilitating drain faults, including:

  • Root intrusion
  • Leaking/loose joints
  • Stress fractures
  • Radial/circumference cracking

Our drain relinings are a perfect solution to old or weakened drains, offering quick results, minimal disruption and a guaranteed 10 year longevity.

For smaller or more concentrated cases of cracking and damaging, we also offer a drain repatching service, simply relining the problem area of the drain rather than the entirety of the system. This offers quicker results, less intrusive work and much lower costs.

We always have the wellbeing of our customers in mind, so we'll never make you pay more than you need to, meaning that if we think a simple re-patch is sufficient for your system, we'll be upfront about it.

For more details on our drain repatching or relining services, get in contact today and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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